Hello all, today is National Men’s Grooming Day. I actually found out about it from the local news. You would think I would have known about it but that would be giving me too much credit.

All of us here at ShopLOLEX hope everyone had a great summer and is enjoying the last couple weeks. Although here in Las Vegas summer temps last through October. I’ve been sporadic in my entries and I’m sorry, once again no excuse (it’s the heat!). Next week I am going to try to get back in the groove and do a thorough review of one of the new Nickel products that we added at the beginning of the summer.


It’s been too long since I updated and once again I have no valid excuse. However, ShopLOLEX has added 2 new Nickel men’s skin care products. Nickel Eye Contour Lift is one of Nickel’s signature products (like their Morning After Rescue Gel). It’s a light men’s eye gel that’s great for puffy eyes because it instantly decongests them.

The second new Nickel product is Nickel Super Speed Face Moisturizer. This is an amazing men’s face moisturizer because it actually hydrates your skin for up to 8 hours. This means that no matter where you go or what you do or how intense your activity level is (gym, hiking, etc), you are covered. I have yet to see a claim like this by any other face cream.

Over the next weeks I’ll be reviewing both products and let you know if they both lived up to their claims (and Nickel products usually do). If anyone had tried either of these, let me know.

This eye cream seems to be as popular as the Hydroplane Shaving Cream. We certainly don’t blame you here at ShopLOLEX. I use Billy Jealousy Wipeout Eye Cream on a semi-regular basis myself (not as often as I should though).

The great thing about the eye cream, like all Billy Jealousy products is that a little goes a long way. All you need to use is 1/2 the size of a pea. Also, it’s scent-free. Just remember to dab the cream around you eyes, do not pull the skin, that actually can cause wrinkles.

The best thing about the eye cream is that you don’t need a seperate eye gel to reduce puffiness. The lactic acid does it already. Use it once or twice a day, and see a major difference in no time. Trust me, you will get hooked. Until next week.

I know I’ve skipped a few weeks for no apparent reason other than being a bit busier usual. So this week we move on from one of my favorite shaving creams to the pre-shave that goes with it. Billy Jealousy Hot Towel Pre-Shave Treatment is a men’s pre-shave that must be used only with Billy jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream, you cannot use it with any other shaving cream because it won’t work effectively.

That being said, it’s not a neccessary item to have but more of an added bonus. If you have a beard or rough, hard to shave skin then a pre shave is more of a neccessity since it’ll soften your hair and face for a closer, smoother, and easier to shave face. However, if you have normal skin a pre shave is not neccessary but can be beneficial. You skin will be smoother and softer, without nicks, cuts or razor burn. It only adds about an extra 30 seconds to your routine. You put it on and wait 30 seconds for it to work and then put the shaving cream over it (do not rinse off). That’s it.

My recommendation is that you should try it and decide for yourself if a pre shave is something you want to add to your skin care regiment. I definetely recommend a pre shave if you have a beard since that is what they are originally meant for. A pre shave is meant for guys with less sensitive skin so be careful if you’re prone to breakouts.

I would love to hear other pre shave opinions and suggestions, have a good week.

Hi everyone, I took 2 weeks off for no apparent reason but here I am back in the saddle. I figured I would start with the best and most popular product Billy Jealousy offers: Billy Jealousy Hydroplane Shave Cream. This is one of the best (if not the best) all around shaving creams available. This shave cream is perfect for all skin types, no matter how rough and tough your face is.

I use this one on a regular basis and most people who try it once become die hard users. That’s probably why Billy Jealousy makes an industrial size. One thing to note, I still recommend a shave gel if you have very oily skin because they are made specifically for that skin type. You would be fine using Hydroplane for oily skin with no problems but I think you are better off using products specifically focused on a certain skin type if that’s a concern for you.

What more can I say other than everyone who tries it says it’s the best shaving cream around. Try it and see for yourself. Hope everyone has a good week. Until next week.

This week we move on to Billy Jealousy. Overall, this is another excellent high end men’s skin care, grooming and shaving line. They have numerous products and seem to always be adding additional products as well as different sizes of their existing products. Right now, ShopLOLEX only carries the men’s skin care and shaving products of all the men’s brands that we carry. We are planning on adding more brands and their perspective skin care and shaving products. Once we have a sufficient number of brands we will start adding the body care and hair care products as well as other brands. I like to think of it as a micro-nitch. I’ve seen so many online shops that are all over the place and figured we would start small and go up (we’ve got no where else to go but up). We, of course, appreciate all the support we have received through this blog and our website.

But I digress. In the next few weeks, I’ll be reviewing all the Billy Jealousy products that we offer. The majority are excellent for all skin types while a few are very skin type specific (I had to find other guinnea pigs other than myself, my brother, brother-in-law, and a few friends who volunteered with promises of free stuff).

In other random news, we redid our facebook page. We will be offering exclusive discounts for all who become fans. Until next week.

Hello all, last week I reviewed Nickel Fire Insurance After Shave Cream and mentioned the my one buddy that was the actual reviewer for that product was also going to do Nickel Super Clean Face Scrubbing Gel too. However, since I use face scrub on a regular basis and like to try different ones out, I figured we would both put in our fifty cents.

Like I said, I use a gentle face scrub & cleanser combination on a daily basis and a regular face scrub 2-3 times per week. This may be excessive to some people and if you are prone to breakouts, do not use scrub at all. I can honestly say that once you start using any type of scrub and feel the difference (and see) on your face, you’ll be hooked and probably go overboard like me (although my skin feels great!). This Nickel scrub is a daily cleansing and scrubbing gel, which means that this is a facial cleanser and mild scrub combined that is gentle enough to be used daily.

To really feel the effects of the actual scrub part you need to press harder on you skin when using it, according to the directions. My thoughts–this is a great daily scrub to use before shaving to get the extra close shave. Its a bit more intense than other daily scrubs I have used and you feel the difference afterwards. My face felt very very clean and a bit smoother than normal. I will continue using this for a while until I find a better one.

As for my friend, of coarse he liked it but he’s never used scrub before so he’d probably like anything. I’m beginning to think that he is not the best choice for tester since he has virtually no experience with high end men’s skin care and grooming products. However, on the plus side, he’s a believer now after trying out a few items.

All in all, this is a great daily deep cleanser and face scrub to use before shaving (as with all scrubs). You do not need to use a regular scrub 2-3 times per week along with this if you don’t feel you need to but it doesn’t hurt. My advice is that if you choose to go this route, use it in the morning and your regular cleanser at night. You do not need to use this twice per day unless you really want to (I don’t).

See you next week when we start on the Billy Jealousy line and my personal favorite.